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The Summer Grind

All season we are working hard preparing for upcoming games for that week in practice and in the weight room. Usually during season the regime is all about maintaining strength and mobility in the weight room and enhancing your individual skills. But in the offseason, it’s all about increasing overall body strength, mobility, stability and endurance. Any true dedicated athlete will tell you that the offseason is the most challenging and testing part of your year, but if done right, it can be your most rewarding.

We started summer workouts this week, and me being a junior I am pretty much used to it so I’ve taken on a leadership role trying to help the ones who struggle. We learn a lot more in the summer than just lifting weights, conditioning and getting stronger. We learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how to pick up each other when things get tough. We also learn a lot about mental toughness. Being an elite player is far more than just being physically tough because there are many people who may be stronger or faster than you, but it is your mental toughness and your will to continue to fight when others would usually quit that sets you apart from the average players. Me and my team are all about being elite. Catch us in the Final Four this year. #CardNation


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  1. I love it!

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