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Today’s Event!!

Today was a busy one for me, but it ran pretty smoothly. I woke up and went to class this morning around 10  (thanks professor for giving us that extra hour). After class I went to go get breakfast and shopping at Krogers and then took a nap. We had Yoga at 4 today, and it’s pretty rough at the beginning because me and my team are definitely not the most flexible people! I am getting better though, my “Downward Facing Dog” is on point now lol.

After yoga we had pickup scheduled but me and another teammate had to leave early to go get ready for an event that we agreed to go to. Got all dressed up and headed out but of course in our luck we got lost. I’ll give an F+ to the iPhone navigation system in that situation, we had to stop and ask people for directions on two occassions. But we finally made it to the event and it was awesome. We basically did this charity for disabled and mentally challenged people and we helped to auction off prizes to help raise money for their programs! We auctioned off a road trip with my team as we traveled to go play a game this upcoming season and I am very proud to say that it sold for close to $1000!! The fact that we were able to raise that much money, on top of all the other things we helped to auction was amazing. It made my day!


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